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Best Solution to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Problem

AOL stands for America online and AOL mail is free email service provided by the AOL and Delphi. Despite the popularity of Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Gmail there are millions of users who still use AOL mail for the personal as well as commercial communications on internet. AOL is one of the oldest email service provider which offers incredible and comfortable email platform to users.

AOL mail users often facing problems of aol not working while configuring their AOL account on different devices. If any users is facing the same problems with their AOL mail account they then this article is perfect place for you. We provide the detailed steps to fix the AOL not working problems on different devices.

Solutions for AOL not working on windows operating system:

Several use windows 10 built-in mail application to access their AOL mail account. In the case if user gets problem while accessing their AOL account from windows 10 mail application then they can follow given tricks to resolve problem. Firstly user needs to check the AOL server setting on windows 10.

1.Go to setting application on windows 10.
2.Click on the Manage accounts from the available options.
3.Select the AOL account to check the server setting.
4.Click on Mailbox Sync Setting and check the below setting.
IMAP account username: enter your AOL mail id.
Incoming mail server:
Port number (standard): 143
Port number (SSL): 993
SMTP outgoing server:
Port number: 587
SMTP username: enter your AOL mail id.
Enter your AOL mail password if it asks for password.
5.Test your AOL mail. If it still not responding then user can remove exiting AOL mail account and reconfigure it on windows 10 mail application.
6.Open windows 10 mail app> setting.
7.Click on the manage account from the listed options.
8.Delete on delete account and then select AOL mail account which user needs to remove.
9.User can add the AOL mail account again entering AOL mail username and password.
10. Test the working of AOL mail.
Solutions for AOL not working on Mac operating System:

Mac users can access their AOL mail account from the built-in apple mail application. Here are the steps by using which user can configure their AOL mail account on apple mail app.

1.Open the mail application from the Dock menu.
2.On the menu bar ribbon click on the mail option.
3.Go to the Add account option.
4.It will ask for choose a mail account provider.
5.Click on the AOL mail then click on the continue button.
6.Enter the AOL mail credentials like username and password.
7.After entering the AOL mail credentials click on sign in button.
8.Read the prompted screen which is asking the permission to access details about AOL contact, calendar, mail and profiles by the Mac system.
9.Click on continue button to complete the configuration details.
10. It displays a list of apps, user can select the apps in which user want to use AOL mail (select Mail) and click on done button.
11. Under the mail box click on the AOL to open the AOL inbox on the screen.
In this way user can access their AOL mail in the built-in apple mail app from Mac.

Here are some general troubleshooting steps which might help user to resolve their problem AOL mail not working while accessing it from browser.

1.Check the internet connection.
2.Clear the cache memory and the cookies from the web browser.
3.Delete the history related to AOL mail.
4.Renew your antivirus program as soon as out expired. And remove if an expired antivirus program is present in your system.
5.Make use of AOL mail compatible web browser for accessing your AOL mail account.
6.Temporary disable your firewall try to access the AOL mail account. If it works, your firewall might block your access to the AOL site.
7.Update the web browser. Sometimes use of the outdated or corrupted web browser can be reason behind your issue with AOL mail problem.
8.Switch to another web browser for accessing the AOL mail.
AOL mail deactivates users account after the inactivity of 90 days. In rare cases there can be AOL server problem in user’s area. AOL might be updating their services. User can simply try after time to access your account in such case.

if user is unable to resolve their AOL mail issue after trying all above guidelines and tips then they can get in touch with customer support team of AOL mail for the quick solution of the AOL mail issue.


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