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How to Resolve Frequent Google Chrome Keep Crashing

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used computer browsers and more than millions of users from all around the world use this internet browser to stream videos, access social media platforms, browse the web, and more. Just like any other browser, Google Chrome might also crash and stop occasionally.

However, several computer users who use Google Chrome on a daily basis for their work and personal needs recently complained that they have been seeing a “Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed” message. If you are regularly experiencing this error, then it means that there is something wrong with your Google Chrome browser or the computer itself.

Computer users who regularly experience this issue should initially uninstall the Google Chrome browser from their computer and then reinstall it again. If this solution does not help, then below are a few simple tips that would fix the frequent Google Chrome crashing issue.

Switch to a New Profile

In some cases, the crashes you are experiencing with Google Chrome might be due to a corrupted profile. So, you will need to create a new profile from the Settings page of the internet browser. Go to the menu of Google Chrome, open Settings, and then click on Add new user right under the Users option. Once you have set up the new profile, check whether you are still experiencing frequent crashes on Google Chrome browser.

Solve Flash Crashes

Switch To New Profile

Several professional computer and browser support service providers recently identified that the Flash plugin in Google Chrome might be the reason behind frequent crashes. If that is the case, then you will need to disable the internal Flash plugin in the internet browser and then stick to the standard Flash plugin. If you are a computer user who has no idea on how to disable the internal Flash plugin on your browser, then you will need to get in touch with an expert browser support technician.

Scan for Malware

It is significant to note that malware might also interfere with the Google Chrome browser on your computer and make the browser crash regularly. So, computer users who are experiencing frequent Google Chrome crashes should run an antivirus software scan and check whether their computer is under virus attack or not. If yes, removing the threats might help you to fix the frequent Google Chrome crashes.

If you are still experiencing the issue or need help with any other Chrome browser problems, get in touch with an expert tech support team for advanced troubleshooting.

Google Chrome Crashing on Windows 10 

Google Chrome Keeps Crashing, Some others report High CPU usage by Google Chrome. Browser became unstable at startup, Take time to load the home page. There is number of reason behind this such as browser history, internet cache causing the issue, or maybe browser extensions, chrome database corrupted etc.

Issue : Chrome keeps crashing on me. I can’t even open the suggestions page from Chrome without it crashing immediately.

Google created the Chrome Cleanup Tool. which checks your Chrome install to see if there are instabilities, bad extensions or anything within it that would cause crashing. So first run chrome cleanup tool and let the application to fix itself.

Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

  1. Download and install the Chrome Cleanup Tool.

  2. Run the tool and let it scan your system. It will tell you if it finds anything wrong.

  3. It will then open up Chrome Settings and allow you to reset everything should you wish to.

Perform a Full system scan

It may be due to some malware or virus that creates this annoying situation for you. So, you need to install an antivirus/antimalware program to remove the crashing problem. Simply install a Good Antivirus with latest updates and perform a full system scan. This will detect and kill every malware harming your system.

Remove extensions one-by-one

In the top (omni) bar, type chrome://extensions . Click the trash can next to each extension you want to remove. Try to get rid of the things you added most recently first, and then try using Chrome for a while after removing each one. You might find the offender without removing all.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

It is very important for you to disable hardware acceleration option because it can interrupt a straight connection of a website on Chrome.

Go to “Settings” in Chrome Browser and click “Show Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the page. In Advanced Settings, you need to look for a category “System” that usually lies at the bottom of the page. continue Reading…


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