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Why AOL Desktop gold not working or responding

AOL desktop gold is an updated version of the AOL desktop. It comes with exclusive features and functionalities for the users including multimedia (audio and video) live streaming, games collections, web surfing and email at one stop. All the functionality and the features of the AOL can be accessed from the AOL desktop gold browser. User can use this premium secure software on windows as well as Mac operating systems.

Multiple users reported that they are facing the issues like aol desktop gold not responding after the updating AOL desktop to AOL desktop gold. This article provides the detail guidance about different issues associated with the AOL desktop gold and their corresponding troubleshooting steps.

  • AOL gold desktop icon not working:

After installing the AOL desktop gold on user’s system user can double click or tap on the AOL gold desktop icon to launch the software. If AOL Desktop Gold icon Missing or it is not responding then there can be different reasons behind that.

  1. Close the AOL desktop gold from the task manager:

User can close the AOL desktop gold to resolve the AOL desktop gold stopped working issue. Windows users can press Ctrl +Alt + Delete keys together from the keyboard to open the task manager. Go to the process section and search for AOL desktop gold application. Click on the end program button, it will ask for confirmation click on end program button again to close the program.

  1. Restart the system:

Due to long working hours of user, sometimes the system can be overloaded or overheated and hence some applications are not working smoothly. In this case user can save all the programs files, close all software and restart their system then test the working of AOL desktop gold. The iphone and android users can restart their device and test the AOL desktop application.

  1. Check the network connection:

User should their network connection. Network connection is required for launching the AOL desktop gold software and it is not open in slow internet connection. User can run the network troubleshooter from the control panel under the network and internet section to identify the network issue.

  1. Scan and check your system for malicious software:

Internet is the gateway for viruses and malwares to enter in the user’s system. This malicious software might restrict the user’s access for the AOL desktop gold. User needs to scan the system with their antivirus program and remove the malicious software if exists in the system. Sometimes the antivirus program or windows firewall can also block users access to the AOL desktop gold so user need to check the block program list and remove the AOL desktop gold application if it present in the blocked program list.

  1. Create a new user account:

User can create the new user account in system and check for aol gold icon not responding error on the newly created user account. If it works then the previous user account of the user might be corrupted.User can create new account by going to control panel-> User’s account and family safety-> Manage another account-> create new account and then click on create account button.

  • AOL contacts are missing on desktop gold:

User need to check internet connection first there is problem of contacts synchronization with AOL desktop gold. It there is no network problem then use can get sign in into their web mail account and check for the contact list in web mail. If user can observe the contacts in their AOL mail account then there is problem with the AOL desktop gold. In this case, user need to reinstall the AOL desktop gold.

Accidentally disabling the java script from the AOL desktop gold browser may leads to contact book mission issue. User should enable in the AOL desktop gold if it accidentally disabled y the user. User can also follow below steps to synchronize your contact book with AOL desktop gold.

  1. Open AOL desktop gold and sign in to your account.
  2. Visit and click on run.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to synchronize the contact book with AOL desktop gold.
  4. Sign out and sign in again and check if contact book synchronize with AOL desktop or not.
  • AOL automatic update not working:

Typically AOL desktop gold software updates itself automatically. It is recommended by the experts to update AOL desktop gold regularly to enjoy latest features and functionalities. There can be numerous reasons which cause failure in automatic update of AOL desktop gold some of them are listed below.

  1. Turn off the automatic windows or Mac update: if user’s turns off the automatic system update then any of the programs present in the system stops updating automatically. So user should to turn on the automatic windows update function for automatically updating the AOL desktop gold and other software programs.
  2. No storage space available to install update: user should check for the storage space if automatic updating functions of AOL desktop gold not working. User can release some memory, delete unnecessary files so that there is enough space to download and install updates of AOL desktop gold.
  3. Check firewall and third party antivirus: sometimes firewall settings or antivirus program are stopping AOL desktop gold updating automatically.
  4. Corrupted AOL desktop gold application:

Due to viruses and malicious content in program files there is possibility of corrupted AOL desktop gold application or software. In such cases user can uninstall the current version of AOL desktop gold and install the latest version of AOL desktop from internet.

If the automatic updates of AOL desktop gold is not working then user can manually update the AOL desktop gold after regular intervals. Here are the steps which helps users to manually update AOL desktop gold browser.

  1. Open AOL desktop gold and open users account.
  2. Click on the setting icon and go to the update option.
  3. In some versions of AOL desktop user can get the update option under the about section in the setting.
  4. After getting the update option click on it to update your AOL desktop gold to latest version. 

This process might take some time so wait for it. User should restart their device after installing the update and then use it to get new features and functionalities of AOL desktop gold.

  • Issues with AOL mail font in desktop gold:

Several users are unable to change the font and format settings in the AOL mail desktop gold software. Here are the steps to change the mail font and size in AOL desktop gold.

  1. Open mail window from AOL desktop gold page.
  2. Click on the write icon located at the top side of the screen.
  3. Enter the mail content in the text area field with the default set font family.
  4. Tap on the button or down arrow symbol to open the font and format menu.
  5. Select the required font family from the available by tapping on the down arrow.
  6. On the same window user can also change the text size, format (bold, italic or underline text), change font color and many more options available.
  7. Click on save setting button.

In this way user can set the font and customized format of the email in the AOL desktop gold. The user who wants to change the AOL desktop gold password can follow given steps:

  1. Open the AOL gold desktop application.
  2. Enter credentials and sign in to application.
  3. Click on the setting icon situated at the top side of the screen.
  4. Go to the A-Z index tap and look for the font and text category from the available options.
  5. Select the text which needs to be customized before selecting any font family from the options to see the preview.
  6. In the right side of the windows user can change the font size, color, format (bold, italic or underline text) for the selected text.
  7. Click on the save button to save the setting.

If user is unable to modify font setting then they can uninstall AOL desktop gold and install it again.

  • AOL gold desktop crashing:

The aol gold not working or crashing frequently is the common problem with AOL desktop gold users. Here are quick steps to resolve this problem.

  1. User can clear the AOL desktop gold browser cache memory to fix the frequent crashing problem. For this go to the edit menu from the top side of the screen and click on the footprints to clear option. Click on the checkbox of name browser cache. This will clear the recent browser cache memory which might cause frequent crashes of AOL desktop gold.
  2. Run the AOL desktop in the compatibility mode. For this user should first download the AOL desktop gold browser from the trusted website. Find the downloaded file and right click on it. Click on the properties from the context menu. Select the compatibility mode and also click on the checkbox named as run this program in compatibility mode.  Follow on screen instructions to install the AOL desktop in compatibility mode.

If user are unable to resolve their issues with AOL desktop gold then they can get in touch with AOL support team for solutions to problem.

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